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Zeni Says Will Empower You to Rise Up and Overcome the Bullies

The Zeni Says empowerment ride is dedicated to helping people of all ages, overcome the negative effects of bullying. With Zeni as its narrator, Zeni Says promotes self-love as the key to self-empowerment and the acceptance and tolerance of one’s faults, foibles, and imperfections and those of others as a way to combat bullying while bringing kindness, love, and compassion into the world.

Zeni Says showcases a cast of teen-aged toad characters, all of who have experienced bullying due to the fact they have imperfections. They look, act, or think differently than what is considered normal by society’s misguided standards. After sharing their heartbreaking stories of bullying, the teen-age toad characters receive a heartfelt message from Zeni, who shares her own experiences of being bullied as well as the wisdom she has gained and life lessons she has learned through the years. Together, the teen-aged toad characters join Zeni in rising up and overcoming the bullies.

Bullying, especially the dreaded cyber bullying, is an epidemic that continues to escalate. It threatens persons of all ages, especially children, teens, and young adults. Zeni Says is positioned to help combat this epidemic by providing a safe space in which people can seek advice and find inspiring wisdom to carry them through challenging and difficult times while rebuilding the most valuable treasure of all: their self-esteem.

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Target Market:
The Zeni Says empowerment ride is for anyone who has been bullied and needs assistance in overcoming its negative effects.

Via her inspiring words of wisdom and sharing of her own tales of being bullied, Zeni empowers a cast of teenage-toads to rise up and overcome the bullies.

The Zeni Says empowerment ride aims to empower visitors to rise up and overcome the bullies.

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