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Keep Gigging Will Inspire You to Conquer the Swamp of Life

Keep Gigging is the one of the most significant rides of the Zenilution virtual theme park. It’s the home of the wisdom Zeni has gained and the life lessons she has learned while trekking through the swamp of life. It serves as a touchstone for people during challenging and difficult times where they can access the inspirational quotes of Zeni.

The quotes are divided into five color categories: gold for illuminating; orange for uplifting; red for energizing; green for relaxing; and indigo for stimulating, related to different chakra points within the body. Chakra points are centers of spiritual power through which energy flows throughout the body.

When one of these centers becomes blocked, a myriad of things can occur including physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional illness. Therefore, it is important to release or unblock these centers through various methods, including thinking positively, to allow for a free flow of energy throughout the body.

Zeni shares her magical and transformative wisdom to help others clear their chakras in order to feel their best, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and to come out the other side of the swamp of life, stronger and more inspired.

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Target Market:

The Keep Gigging inspirational ride is for anyone who needs some uplifting words to help empower them as they trek through the swamp of life.

Through the use of inspirational messages and powerful affirmations, Zeni empowers visitors to the ride to tackle life’s difficulties and challenges with a positive, optimistic mindset.

The Keep Gigging ride aims to empower visitors to come out the other side of the swamp of life, stronger and more inspired.

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