The Toad Chronicles Adventure Ride

Join Zeni aboard The Toad Chronicles for a Transformative Journey

Join Zeni in the Escape the Swamp series, and be whisked away aboard The Toad Chronicles, an inspiring, theme-park adventure ride, set in the metaphorical swamp of life. During the five legs of the ride, or five books of the series, Zeni, the narrator and protagonist, recounts the tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming, only to be met by a swamp filled with toads.

During leg one of the ride, or book one of the series, seven guests join Zeni aboard a swamp buggy and travel to ten exciting destinations. At each stop, they meet one of two species of toads: the “religious freak” toad and the “commitment creep” toad, for a total of eleven toads showcased during leg one.

During leg two of the adventure, eight guests join Zeni aboard a sea plane where Zeni introduces them to the overblown “egomaniacal” toad. Leg three takes guests on a jon boat tour through the swamp, while leg four entails a walking tour of the swamp with the guided assistance of a native American Indian who grew up in the nearby swamp. Leg five, which is about Zeni’s Prince Charming, is still under construction. Throughout the five legs of the ride, guests learn about Zeni’s personal and professional challenges, her struggles, and her warts and imperfections she has been forced to face and transmute through the years in order to rise in her empowerment and escape the swamp.

At the end of each escapade, Zeni and her guests engage in an empowering, sometimes lively, discussion during which Zeni imparts some of the life-altering wisdom she discovered during her adventures. This wisdom, according to Zeni, ultimately changed her perception of life and most importantly, herself, enabling her to rise up in her empowerment, escape the swamp, and become the hero of her very own fairy tale.

Join Zeni for this exciting adventure ride through the swamp. Gain access to the wisdom of the Universe, rise in your empowerment, and become the hero of your own fairy tale!

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Target Market:
The Toad Chronicles adventure ride is for anyone who wants to rise up, escape the spiritual swamp they are born into, and become the hero of their own fairy tale.

Via her inspiring chronicles as recounted during a theme park adventure ride, Zeni shares her transformative journey of self-discovery, empowering readers during their own journey through the swamp.

Via the wisdom Zeni imparts, The Toad Chronicles adventure ride aims to inspire visitors to rise in their empowerment, escape the swamp and become the hero of their own fairy tale.

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