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Zeni Forgives Will Empower You to Practice the Act of Forgiveness

A small, but significant site within the Finding Zeni inspirational family, Zeni Forgives is dedicated to inspiring persons of all ages and from all walks of life, to grant forgiveness to themselves and others. By granting forgiveness, a person can help to bring about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing not just with themselves, but with others as well.

Forgiveness is something that is sorely needed to heal the world from all the injustices that have occurred, both past and present. Many people feel they have been wronged, whether it be by family members, spouses, children, friends, work associates, religious leaders, governments, or whomever. They are unable to let go of these negative experiences and move forward in their lives in a positive direction.

Via her inspiring messages, powerful affirmations, and empowering videos, as well as by sharing tales of seeking and granting forgiveness in her own life, Zeni, who serves as the spokesperson for Zeni Forgives, assists others in learning to grant forgiveness as a way to liberate their soul and make their heart feel whole. She also promotes forgiveness as the key to self-empowerment and to happy, healthy living as well as the acceptance of oneself and others, faults, foibles, and imperfections, as a way to make this world a kinder, more loving place.

Visitors to the site can access the inspirational teachings of Zeni while sharing their stories of forgiveness as a way to encourage others to seek and grant forgiveness in their own lives.

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Target Market:
This site is for anyone who feels they have been wronged by the trespasses of a person or organization.

Through the use of inspiring messages, affirmations and videos, as well as by Zeni sharing her stories of forgiveness, Zeni Forgives promotes the act of forgiveness as the key to happy, healthy living.

Zeni Forgives aims to encourage visitors to exercise forgiveness of themselves and others as a means to achieving a state of happy, healthy living.

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