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An Empowering, Transformative Book Series

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I Am Zeni

Become Your Superhuman, Divine Self

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Fairy Tails Do Come True

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Finding Zeni Is about Discovering Your Authentic Self


Be the authentic person God intended you to be, not the person others want, need, or expect you to be.

Nikki Karis

Finding Zeni, Inc. is the inspirational company of author and inspiring speaker, Nikki Karis, an idea Karis first gave birth to in 2008, a year after her father passed away and she began the most intense part of her journey of awakening. It is also her publishing house, born from her book series, The Toad Chronicles. Through her various creative and inspiring endeavors, including the Toad Chronicles series, Zenilution, T1 Rise, Karis Brands, her GodDogs series and Tailzee, Karis seeks to empower people from around the globe to break free of their limitations and become the person God intended them to be.

In The Toad Chronicles series, Zeni, the series protagonist, narrates a theme-park adventure ride, recounting the tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming, only to be met by a swamp filled with toads. After enduring much heartache and hardship, Zeni finally undercovers some life-altering wisdom from the Universe which enables her to rise in her empowerment and escape the spiritual swamp she was born into. Zeni shares this wisdom with guests aboard the ride to assist them in rising in their empowerment and escaping the swamp as well.

In a groundbreaking concept, Zeni serves as Karis’ inspirational spokesperson for Finding Zeni and its associated sites, all based upon Zeni’s adventures in the swamp. Finding Zeni is a place where readers can connect to The Toad Chronicles series, Keep Gigging, Zeni Says, I am Zeni, Zenilution, and Fairy Tails Rock.

Explore Karis’ inspiring projects and Zenilution, a virtual theme park born from the Toad Chronicles series. Get to know Zeni, who is ready to assist you in your journey of discovering and becoming your authentic self.

Meet Nikki Karis, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Founder of Finding Zeni

Meet Nikki Karis, author, inspiring speaker, animal advocate, and creative entrepreneur. Karis’ given name is Nikki Marie Kavouklis, and she resides on the West Coast of Florida with her rescue cats and dogs, who inspire her as she creates and writes.

Prior to launching her inspiring projects, including her book series and merchandise site, she was a practicing personal injury attorney for twenty-eight years, having her own law firm with six locations at the height of her practice. During the pandemic of 2020, however, Karis finally decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her lifelong dream of inspiring others via her empowering books and uplifting merchandise.

In April of 2021, Karis launched Karis Brands, her merchandise site, along with T1 Rise, a super-brand of eight risings. She also launched Tailzee, a social network platform devoted to uniting humans and their animals around the world.  There are additional projects in the works which Karis hopes to launch no later than the start of 2022.

For pleasure, Karis enjoys reading, traveling, rescuing animals, collecting art, and decorating her circa 1925 home. She hopes to grow Finding Zeni, Inc., the holding company for her projects, into a successful, caring, and compassionate company with a mission to uplift and empower others.

Stay tuned for more information, as Karis is set to release, GodDogs – an Inspiring, True Tale of Rescue and Awakening, book one of her GodDogs series on May 6, 2021, and Escape the Swamp – Become the Hero of Your Own Fairy Tale, book one of her Toad Chronicles series April 22, 2021. Also, check the Karis Brands shop for her other book, Becoming Grace – 800 Inspiring Messages, which is available in several formats, as well as enjoy hundreds of inspiring Karis Brands products.