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Join Zeni in The Toad Chronicles Series for a Transformative Journey

The Toad Chronicles is Nikki Karis‘ long awaited and much anticipated book series in which Zeni, the protagonist, takes guests on five legs of an exciting, theme park adventure ride, recounting her chronicles of traversing the swamps in search of Prince Charming and what she believes will be the perfect person and relationship to complete her. During her adventures, Zeni undergoes a life changing metamorphosis where she sloughs off everyone else’s ideas of who she should be while transforming and becoming her Superhuman, Divine Self.

In book one of the series, or leg one of the ride, set to release May 2018, Zeni takes seven guests aboard a swamp buggy to various destination spots in the swamps. At each stop, Zeni introduces them to one of the twelve subspecies of toad personalities showcased in book one of the series as they witness one of her escapades occurring through the years. Before departing for the next destination, Zeni shares some of the many life lessons she has learned and the wisdom she has gained while guests interject with questions and tales about their own journey in the swamps.

At the conclusion of leg one of the ride, Zeni relays the most important lesson she has learned after trekking through the swamps. She relays that she became a much happier person once she was finally set free from the unrealistic expectations implanted in her subconscious by the fairytales of her childhood—once she saw and accepted herself and others for exactly who she and they are, like toads full of warts and imperfections; once she accepted life for exactly what it was, like a swamp fraught with all sorts of difficulties and imponderables.

Through the many life lessons Zeni has learned and the wisdom she has gained through the years, Karis delivers a message of hope and inspiration to her readers, so they too can successfully conquer the swamps and become their Superhuman, Divine Self. Click the link below and join Zeni on a transformative journey.

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Target Market:
This series is for anyone who has searched the swamps for their Prince or Princess Charming and has had their hopes dashed or met with disappointment.

Via her inspiring chronicles as recounted during a theme park adventure ride, Zeni shares her transformative journey of self-discovery, empowering readers during their own journey through the swamps.

The Toad Chronicles aims to empower readers to transform and become their Superhuman, Divine Self versus relying upon a particular person or relationship to complete them.

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