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Keep Gigging Will Empower You to Conquer the Swamps of Life

Keep Gigging is the home of the wisdom Zeni, the main character of Nikki Karis’ book series, The Toad Chronicles, has gained and the life lessons she has learned through the years, trekking through the swamps in search of Prince Charming. It serves as a touchstone for people during challenging and difficult times where they can access the inspirational quotes of Zeni, who serves as its spokesperson.

Despite experiencing much heartache and hardship during her journey in the swamps, Zeni always “keeps gigging,” picking herself up by the bootstraps and carrying on. Zeni is an inspiring wayshower and a role model of courage for people of all ages as she continues to persevere in the face of adversity, learning many valuable life lessons along the way.

The life lessons Zeni learns, along with the wisdom she gains, as she ultimately transforms to become her Superhuman, Divine self, form the basis of Zeni’s inspiring quotes showcased on the site. The quotes are divided into five color categories: gold for illuminating; orange for uplifting; red for energizing; green for relaxing; and indigo for stimulating, related to different chakra points within the body. They are further divided into subcategories with corresponding symbols adapted from the Akan communities in Ghana, Africa.

Chakra points are centers of spiritual power through which energy flows throughout the body. When one of these centers becomes blocked, a myriad of things can occur including physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional illness. Therefore, it is important to release or unblock these centers through various methods, including thinking positively, to allow for a free flow of energy throughout the body.

Zeni shares her magical and transformative wisdom to help others clear their chakras in order to feel their best, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and to come out the other side of the swamps of life, stronger and more inspired. Click the link below to enjoy Zeni’s “Inspiration from the Swamps.”

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This site is for anyone who needs some inspiring words to uplift and empower them as they trek through the swamps of life.

Through the use of inspirational messages, powerful affirmations, and uplifting videos, Zeni empowers visitors to the site to tackle life’s difficulties and challenges with a positive, optimistic mindset.

Keep Gigging aims to empower visitors to come out the other side of the swamps of life, stronger and more inspired.

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