Finding Zeni

"Discover Your Authentic Self"

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Toad Chronicles

An Empowering, Transformative Book Series

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Keep Gigging

"Inspiration from the Swamps"

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Zeni Says

"ImperfeKtion Rocks"

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I Am Zeni

"Become Your Superhuman, Divine Self"

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Zeni Forgives

"Happy, Healthy Living"

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"Join the Global Evolution"

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Fairy Tails Rock

"Fairy Tails Do Come True"

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Finding Zeni Is about Discovering Your Authentic Self

Be the authentic person God, Source, Spirit intended you to be, not the person others want, need, or expect you to be.

Nikki Karis

Finding Zeni is the brainchild of author and inspirational speaker, Nikki Karis, an idea Karis first gave birth to in 2008, shortly after her father passed away, and she began her journey of awakening. It is Karis’ inspirational company and publishing house, born from her book series, The Toad Chronicles.

In The Toad Chronicles series, Zeni, the protagonist, treks through the swamps of life in search of Prince Charming and what she believes will be the perfect relationship to complete her. What Zeni learns after enduring much heartache and hardship, however, is that life isn’t about finding the perfect person or relationship. It’s about finding and discovering your authentic self; hence, the name of the company, Finding Zeni, and its theme, “Discover Your Authentic Self.”

In a groundbreaking concept, Zeni, a fictional, avatar character, serves as the inspirational spokesperson for Finding Zeni and its associated sites, all based upon Zeni’s adventures in the swamps as well as the life lessons she has learned and the wisdom she has gained during her journey. The main hub of Karis’ inspirational projects and merchandising concepts, Finding Zeni is a place where readers can connect to The Toad Chronicles series, Keep Gigging, Zeni Says, I am Zeni, Zeni Forgives, Zenilution, and Fairy Tails Rock.

As part of Finding Zeni, Karis plans to launch several more inspiring websites, where readers can access information on specific topics. These topics are related to men, women, teens, kids, seniors, pets, health, money, LGBTs, and many more. For all of these sites, Zeni serves as the inspirational spokesperson, guiding and inspiring visitors to the sites as they search to discover their authentic self. Karis also hopes to launch a social networking site where members can share their inspiring stories from the swamps.

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Meet Nikki Karis, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Founder of Finding Zeni

Meet Nikki Karis, author, inspirational speaker, avid animal advocate, and aspiring entrepreneur, who is a devoted mom to forty plus rescue animals, hailing from all around the world. Since 1992, Karis has been a practicing trial attorney, focusing exclusively on personal injury claims.

In late 2017, however, Karis finally took a leap of faith by finishing the first book of The Toad Chronicles series and working toward the launch of Finding Zeni, a concept she first gave birth to in 1999, but did not begin working on until April 2009. The first book of the series is set to release May 2018, along with the official launch of Finding Zeni.

In The Toad Chronicles series, Zeni, the protagonist, traverses the swamps of life in search of Prince Charming and what she believes will be the perfect relationship to complete her. During her adventures, Zeni undergoes a life changing metamorphosis during which she sloughs off everyone else’s ideas of who she should be while transforming and becoming her Superhuman, Divine Self. Through the many life lessons Zeni learns and the wisdom she gains through the years, Karis delivers a message of hope and inspiration to her readers, so they too can successfully conquer the swamps of life and become their Superhuman, Divine Self.

Building off Zeni’s stories as told in The Toad Chronicles series, Karis has also created an entire new genre of multimedia, inspirational literature, utilizing a pioneering concept—Zeni, a fictional, avatar character, is also the spokesperson for Finding Zeni, which is the hub of several inspirational web-sites, all dedicated to encouraging people to find self-empowerment, self-love, and grace in their lives.

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